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Joint and hip health and daily activity is essential not only for your pet’s overall health and happiness, but for their lifespan!

Dr. Rover Joint Ease includes a blend of clinically proven, 100% safe ingredients to help support structural integrity of joints, lubricate connective tissues for better mobility and flexibility, and reduce inflammation and occasional stiffness and pain.

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Joint Stiffness

Supports long-term health and regular lubrication of connective tissue to ease joint pain and stiffness.


Bone & Joint Health

Fatty acids in the formula provide vital nutrients to strengthen your pet’s joints, muscles, and hips.


Mobility & Strength

Helps maintain tissue pliability and joint fluid viscosity to help pets enjoy a better range of motion and flexibility.


Active Lifestyle

Improves joint health and reduces discomfort to give your pet the chance to live their happiest, healthiest life.


Pet Lifespan

A healthy, active pet is a happy pet, which has a direct impact on their lifespan.

Safe & Effective Blend
In Every Tablet

Dr. Rover Joint Ease includes the three most powerful, clinically proven, and 100% safe ingredients that offer instant action and long-term benefits with regular use.

Just The Good Stuff -
No Harmful Nasties

Order Now & Save 50%

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Happier & Healthier Pets
In Just 1, 2, 3

Dr. Rover Joint Ease tastes so delicious, your pet will consider them a treat.

Usage Directions


(under 10 lbs)

1 Chew


(11-39 lbs)

2 Chews


(40-79 lbs)

3 Chews


(80+ lbs)

4 Chews

  • 1 Chew

  • 2 Chews

  • 3 Chews

  • 4 Chews

Please follow the dosage as per the above instructions and as provided on the label.
We recommend daily use for best results.

Order Now & Save 50%

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Real Pets. Great Results.
What Pet Parents Are Saying

Dr. Rover Joint Ease is trusted by pet parents around the world to help with joint health, pain relief, and increased activity.


My dog looks forward to it as his daily treat!

First off, unlike other products, my dog does not need coaxing to take it! I have seen a great improvement in his activity levels, he is able to go for longer walks and does not tire out easily.

Brian K. |  Verified Purchase


Helped reduce Molly's arthritis.

I can't thank Dr. Rover enough, for helping Molly with her arthritis. From being tired after just a few meters, she is now back to her playful self in just about 3 months.

Zelda |  Verified Purchase


Great product & definitely value for money.

Unlike other brands, this is priced right and I bought the 3 jar bundle. I see a marked improvement in my dogs activity levels, and my kids are super happy to have their friend play with them again.

Malcolm |  Verified Purchase

Definitely helps with joint stiffness.

My Pet had a particular issue with her paw joints, and in just about a month, I could make out she is much more comfortable.

- Sherly |  Verified Purchase

I am a Dr. Rover fan!

I have been using Dr. Rover's products for both my german shepherds and they have been great. Apart from their awesome joint support treats (they truly are loved by my dogs), I recommend trying their shampoo, it smells so good!

- Remmy |  Verified Purchase

Works great, and absolutely safe.

My Pet has a fussy tummy and not all products go down well with her, however, Dr. Rover's chews have worked wonderfully well. I did research on the ingredients and was confident that they are good for her.

- Coleen |  Verified Purchase

Worked wonders for my senior dog!

I have a 9 year old alsatian and have been giving these chews for his joint health for over 3 months now, ever since my vet recommended them. It definitely helps him with his pain and I can see his mobility levels up as well. Thank you, will re-order for sure.

- Graham M. |  Verified Purchase

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90 Days Money Back Guarantee

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